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Welcome to the wiki for Fantasy Final Final Fantasy II-2: Revengeance! Navigate from this page to learn all about everyone's favorite anti-Fuckburg revolutionaries, the Focussed Group!

The story of FFFF II-2: Revengeance takes place in Fuckburg, a massive empire divided into the Kingdoms of Stone, Wood, Knowledge, Light, Fire, and Gold, between which lie vast expanses of untamed wilderness. Fifteen years prior to the start of the campaign, a widespread magical phenomenon erased the memories of every inhabitant of Fuckburg, with the exception of its rulers, who wield relics of great power called the Sustaining Artifacts. As our heroes, the Focussed Group, press ever onward in their struggle against Fuckburg, the very fabric of their world begins to unravel, and they begin to encounter far more mysteries than answers.


DMing by Peyton | Official Character Portraits by harmoths | Adventure Log by Wyatt