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Supporting Characters


The Focus Group's top spy, Sparrow is an invaluable asset to the war effort. The tall half-elf woman is skilled in close-quarters and ranged combat, often using her crossbows to quickly and quietly eliminate targets. Sparrow is also a powerful spellcaster, using her throwing knives to cast near instantaneous teleportation spells and at one time casting Earthquake, an 8th-level spell. Sparrow gets along well with the Focussed Group despite their antics and is a cherished member of the larger Resistance. She is married to Diana, and the two have an inseperable bond.

Queen Cana

The patron and leader of the Focus Group, Cana is a mysterious dark elf woman who oversees the entire Resistance. Her past is a mystery, but it can be inferred that her throne was usurped by the Emperor, forcing her into exile in the Central Wildlands. Cana is the only person known to be able to handle touching the Sustaining Artifacts and has the ability to separate them into distinct motes of power, which become magic items for the party to use. Though her methods and motivations are indistinct, it seems she genuinely cares for the party.

Driver Gosling

Driver is a stoic, handsome tiefling with curving ram horns who coincidentally wears the exact same jacket as Delle. Driver is the Focus Group's artillery expert and operates the teleportation cannon that sends the party on their missions. In combat, Driver wields a variety of firearms to lethal effect. He lost an eye and a horn to the blood ape during the assault on the Lucia Palace.


Although he's just a little baby boy, Boblin is the true hero of the story. He is a small goblin child originally from Arbor who arrived with the kingdom's refugees after the Focussed Group dispatched Santa Claws. Boblin is small and cute and perfect, and everyone loves him very much. Recently, Boblin has been learning how to stab and kill the wicked with knives, and the Focussed Group is very proud of his emerging bloodlust.


Diana is a halfling artificer and chief engineer of the Focussed Group. She can usually be found programming or fixing something and is usually covered in grease or electrical burns. Diana is straightforward yet caring and puts a great amount of faith in the Focussed Group. She is married to Sparrow, with whom she shares an unbreakable and loving bond.

Kiku Matsume

Formerly a member of the notorious Catsuka crime syndicate, Kiku is now a powerful wielder of one of the Sustaining Artifacts, making her one of the Emperor's top lieutenants. At one time Kiku and Delle were in a relationship, though now that some years have passed Kiku seems to have changed, her tender, caring side replaced by a sadistic, violent streak. Despite her apparent cruelty, however, Kiku is the only known wielder of a Sustaining Artifact to express fear of the Emperor and regret for her actions. She was defeated by the Focussed Group at the end of the Neon Elysium Arc.

Mud Tecno

Mud Tecno is a human warrior who doesn't at all resemble the DM. He wears tactical desert attire and wields handaxes in combat. Mud has been the party's primary combat trainer and oversaw their initial examination. He has proven to be crucial to the Focus Group's strategy.

Mark the Deals Warlock

A mysterious, arcane purveyor of bulk goods and magical items, Mark is an inscrutable creature from some distant time and place. He loves gold more than anything, except deals, and mans the Fantasy Costco at the Focus Group's headquarters. Underneath his friendly exterior, however, lurk dark thoughts about what sort of animals would win in fights with each other.


Mako is the Queen's bodyguard, a buff, imposing half-orc who only wears boot cut jeans. Mako is the strong, silent type, and prefers to let his heavy glaive do all the talking.


Flynn is Furn's adoptive father, a reclusive firbolg hermit who lives in the woods. He was seen only once in a vision constructed by Megamind to trap the party.

Shin the Conqueror

A warlord who once controlled Petra and the Kingdom of Stone. Shin wielded the Avalanche Glaive, a Sustaining Artifact in the form of a gauntlet capable of controlling the earth itself, and led a desperate manhunt for Sparrow, whom he almost caught. He was decapitated by Pappy in his palace after being constricted by Baja.

Bungalow Jim, the King of Texas

Bungalow Jim, also known as the King of Texas, was the wielder of the Alligator Knives, Sustaining Artifacts that could transform between massive reptilian monsters and dangerous, poisoned knives. Bungalow Jim was responsible for the death of Mara's family and the enslavement of the people of Arbor, though he was slain by Mara at his birthday party.

Santa Claws

Santa Claws was a strange, ichorous creature that invaded the city of Arbor on Candlenights. It was incredibly powerful, able to summon inky black minions out of its body and paralyze opponents with its claws. It was eventually defeated by the Focussed Group, but not before somewhat changing the nature of the surrounding area.


Megamind was a 2010 American computer-animated superhero comedy film directed by Tom McGrath, produced by DreamWorks Animation, and distributed by Paramound Pictures. After his death at the hands of the Focussed Group, he transformed into an ichorous monster of the same nature as Santa Claws, and was dispatched by Furn's Moonbeam spell.


Terry is a former member of the Petra City Guard who was charmed by Delle, taken back to the Focus Group's headquarters, and subsequently forgotten about. He is presumed alive.

Da Worm

Da Worm is a little worm made out of black goo that came out of Megamind when the Focussed Group defeated him. Da Worm is a person and the Focussed Group keeps him in a little glass jar with a twig and a leaf.